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Wireless Intercom Phone


These wireless intercom phones can be used in any environment such as hotels, offices, homes, etc. it has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that enables them to work for over 24 hours when there is no light or power outage. it covers a long-distance range. no wire connection is needed thereby saving you the cost of running cables and punching your walls. easy to install, it is plug and play clear two-way communication and has an impressive 100 meters within the building and 500 meters in the open field without barrier transmission.

operating instructions:

1. simply plug and play

2. the intercoms id code had been set. the id code is listed on the top right corner of the intercom.

3. full charged the intercom or plug with an adapter to power socket directly, turn on the switch at the bottom.

4. dial the id number(1, 2, 3) for which you want to call and press the call button, the called intercom will ring, pick up and answer the call.

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